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Third RoSBNet Synthetic Biology Workshop 20th-22nd July 2011

The third RoSBNet Synthetic Biology workshop will be held on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of July 2011 at St Annes' College, University of Oxford.

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  • Biology Theme: Bottom-up and top-down approaches for constructing artificial cells and multi-cellular systems.
  • Electrical/Computer Engineering Theme: Organizational principles and protocols in computer networked systems.
  • Control/Systems Engineering Theme: Modelling, analysis and architectural principles of complex networked systems - how to build large networks.
  • Ethical, Legal, Societal Implications: The danger of ‘dual use’, i.e., the danger of using Synthetic Biology designs both for peaceful and military aims.

Confirmed Speakers

Final Programme

RoSBNet 2011 workshop programme

Wednesday 20th July:

Speaker Topic
Professor Ricard V. Solé Synthetic Biological Computing: New design principles
Professor Michael C. Jewett Towards Construction of Synthetic Ribosomes
Professor Mauricio Barahona Dynamics of Interconnected Systems: Entrainment and synchronization of biological oscillators
Professor Dek Woolfson New Protein Structures for Protein Design and Synthetic Biology

Thursday 21st July:

Speaker Topic
Dr Jim Whitman Why the dual use potential of scientific breakthroughs is more likely to manifest as practical problems than ethical dilemmas
Professor Stefan Eriksson Moral obligations in dual use research?
Dr James Revill Synthetic biology and dual use education
Dr Jo Husbands ELSI and synthetic biology: A perspective from the wider international efforts to address dual use implications in the life sciences
Dr Piers Millett Engineering safe, secure and solely beneficial biology
Dr Alexander Kelle Beyond patchwork precaution for the dual-use governance of synthetic biology

Friday 22nd July:

Speaker Topic
Professor Koichi Takahashi Simulating biochemical reaction networks at the molecular resolution with E-Cell System Version 4
Dr Orkun Soyer Evolution and Synthetic Biology
Dr Yo-Cheng Chang Redesigning a Bacterial Two-Component System to Exhibit Desired Responses
Dr Antonis Papachristodoulou Summary and Close – RoSBNet in the Future

Location of the Workshop

St Anne’s is located within easy walking distance from the centre of Oxford and is situated within 5 acres of tranquil leafy grounds. The workshop will take place in the new conference facilities of the Ruth Deach Building and Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre. The conference brochure, which includes a map on page 6, is available here.

Travel Information

Directions to Oxford can be found here. It is within easy reach of Birmingham Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and Southampton International Airport. Information on the best way to travel to Oxford can be found here. A map of St Anne’s College can be viewed here. Car Parking within Oxford is extremely limited and expensive. If you are coming by car it is recommended that you use the Pear Tree or Water Eaton Park and Ride facilities.

Flyer and Registration Form

Registration is now closed

RoSBNet 2011 workshop flyer
RoSBNet 2011 Registration Form