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Second RoSBNet Synthetic Biology Workshop 12th-14th July 2010

The second RoSBNet Synthetic Biology workshop will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of July 2010 at St Annes' College, University of Oxford.

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  • Biology Theme: Constructing and modifying signal transduction, protein-protein and metabolic networks.
  • Electrical/Computer Engineering Theme: Interconnecting parts to create circuits that perform efficiently and reliably.
  • Control/Systems Engineering Theme: Interconnection of subsystems to design robust super-systems; modularity in design.

Ethical, economical, philosophical, legal and societal issues as well as measurement methods will form underlying themes.

Confirmed Speakers

Final Programme

Final Programme

Monday 12th July:

Speaker Topic
Professor Michael Savageau Phenotypes in the Design Space of Biochemical Systems
Professor Michael Hecht From Protein Design to Artificial Genomes: De Novo Proteins Sustain the Growth of Living Cells
Professor Hans Westerhoff Engineering Self-sustaining Networks: Resolving the Paradox
Professor Murat Arcak Exploiting Structure and Input-Output Properties in Biological Networks
Ms Susan Soulsby Synthetic Biology Dialogue – What Next?

Tuesday 13th July:

Speaker Topic
Professor Christina Smolke Programming Cellular Behavior with RNA Controllers
Professor Ian Thompson Engineering Microbial Consortia by Synthetic Biology
Dr Stuart Dunbar Synthetic Biology in Agriscience - Challenges and Opportunities
Professor Giovanni Boniolo Could we Formalize the Biochemical Processes? And why?

Notes taken from the afternoon brainstorming session.

Wednesday 14th July:

Speaker Topic
Professor Dirk Stemerding Societal implications of Synthetic Biology: The Challenge of ‘Responsible Innovation'
Dr Sven Panke From Understanding to Designing Enzymatic Networks
Professor Peter Swain A Potential Strategy for Cellular Decision-making
Professor Béla Novák Network Motifs of Cell Cycle Phosphorylation Networks

Location of the Workshop

St Anne’s is located within easy walking distance from the centre of Oxford and is situated within 5 acres of tranquil leafy grounds. The workshop will take place in the new conference facilities of the Ruth Deach Building and Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre. The conference brochure, which includes a map on page 6, is available here.

Travel Information

Directions to Oxford can be found here. It is within easy reach of Birmingham Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and Southampton International Airport. Information on the best way to travel to Oxford can be found here. A map of St Anne’s College can be viewed here. Car Parking within Oxford is extremely limited and expensive. If you are coming by car it is recommended that you use the Pear Tree or Water Eaton Park and Ride facilities.

Flyer and Registration Form

RoSBNet 2010 workshop flyer
RoSBNet 2010 workshop Registration Form in PDF format
RoSBNet 2010 workshop Registration Form in MS Word format