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First RoSBNet Synthetic Biology Workshop - 14-16 September 2009

The first RoSBNet Synthetic Biology workshop was held on the 14th, 15th and 16th of September 2009 at St Annes' College, University of Oxford.

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  • Biology Theme: Constructing simple function network motifs (switches, oscillators, etc.) from standardised parts.
  • Electrical/Computer Engineering Theme: The "Art of electronics" - building transistors, op-amps etc.
  • Control/Systems Engineering Theme: Modelling and understanding the robustness of simple biological and electrical circuits.

Ethical, economical, philosophical, legal and societal issues as well as measurement methods will form underlying themes.

Confirmed Speakers

Speaker Presentations

Monday 14th September:

Speaker Institution Topic
Professor Ron Weiss Massachusetts Institute of Technology Synthetic Biology: From Modules to Systems
Professor Mustafa Khammash University of California at Santa Barbara Stochastic Biochemical Reaction Networks: Modeling, Analysis and Identification
Professor Hana El Samad University of California at San Francisco Predictive Modeling: The Challenges of Analysis and Synthesis for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Professor Julian Savulescu University of Oxford Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biolgy

Tuesday 15th September:

Speaker Institution Topic
Professor Jeff Hasty University of California at San Diago Engineered Genetic Oscilators
Professor Domitilla Del Vecchio University of Michigan Modular Cell Biology: Retroactivity and Insulation
Dr Jim Haseloff University of Cambridge Bioengineering of Plant Systems
Dr George Wadhams University of Oxford Parameter Measurements for Synthetic Biology

Notes taken from the Tuesday afternoom brainstorming session.

Wedenesday 16th September:

Speaker Institution Topic
Professor Chris Myers University of Utah Genetic Design Automation: Progress and Future Research Directions
Dr Michael Liss GENEART Synthetic Bio-Bricks: Enabling Tools for Biotechnology
Dr Jane Calvert University of Edinburgh Biology as Engineering: Concepts, Cultures and Collaborations
Professor David Fell Oxford Brookes University Synthetic Metabolism: Lessons for Metabolic Engineering

Location of the Workshop

St Anne’s is located within easy walking distance from the centre of Oxford and is situated within 5 acres of tranquil leafy grounds. The workshop will take place in the new conference facilities of the Ruth Deach Building and Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre. The conference brochure, which includes a map on page 6, is available here.

Travel Information

Oxford is accessible by car, train, bus and coach. It is within easy reach of Birmingham Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and Southampton International Airport. Information on the best way to travel to Oxford can be found here. A map of St Anne’s College can be viewed here. Car Parking within Oxford is extremely limited and expensive. If you are coming by car it is recommended that you use the Pear Tree or Water Eaton Park and Ride facilities.

Flyer and Registration Form

RoSBNet 2009 workshop flyer
RoSBNet 2009 workshop Registration Form in PDF format
RoSBNet 2009 workshop Registration Form in MS Word format